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With our wealth of experience, we are sure to achieve the look and results you desire. Our services can be tailored to your needs.


How our specialists can help you:
Personal shopping with a professional fashion consultant is an inspiring experience that will change the way you shop forever. Your consultant will know where best to shop and will advise you on key styles, fabrics and colours to suit your features and lifestyle, ensuring your purchases enhance your appearance.

Having taken note of all body and size measurements done during our initial consultation, we can either accompany you or can bring the selection to you.

  Get advice on the following issues:
  • Wardrobe Styling.
  • Seasonal Colour Analysis.
  • Clone Buying - i.e. buying clothes that are
    similar to those you already own.
  • Indecision when buying clothes.
  • Rush Buying - buying on the move.

  • Our Special Services - premieres, weddings,
    balls and corporate events.
  • Customisation of favourite items.
  • Seasonal make-up and hair consultations.


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